Opportunities for Investors in Indian Real Estate

The economy of India is thriving and is Fastest growing economy in the world (GDP terms) and primed for your business to reap the rewards. Our growing economy offers exciting investment opportunities within a supportive business environment designed to help your company flourish.

There are many reasons to do business in India, low cost of operations, a Indian population that makes up a talented workforce, stable economy and
Ease of doing business with minimum hurdles for creating and operating establishments.

India in the recent times has been the potential goldmine for investors all over the world. With a booming economy and liberalized government policies, investors from all over the globe are choosing India as their business destination.

As Indian real estate rules the economic vibes of the country, the most important beneficiary of the recent boom in this sector is the investors. Driven by positive growth in the real estate scenario and the Government of India’s decision to allow100% foreign direct investment (FDI) under the 'automatic route' in the construction and development there has been a significant rise in the number of Indian as well as foreign investors in the realty sector. Also recently Govt has reduced corporate tax to 22% from 30 % for existing companies and 15% for new plant set up. This will enhance FDIs in India which will also indirectly lead to Investments in Real Estate.

While top developers in India have initiated large scale real estate developments in the residential sector catering to all segments of the society. With more corporate houses entering real estate, a corporatisation of real estate can be witnessed.

Real estate is much more professionally managed with a number of big players (developers as well as corporates) entering the business. There are no monopolistic positions in real estate, as there are more players today in the development game. The greater the number of players, the healthier the competition which provides us good opportunity for Investments.

In the residential segment, with the increase of disposable incomes and easy availability of home loans, most builders are trying to woo investors with lucrative features and the latest inclusions are premium luxury apartments and condominiums fitted with the most modern accessories in home luxury.

The commercial ventures include state-of-the-art office spaces, sprawling malls, multiplexes and retail outlets.

As the real estate investments open up opportunities for the associated fields like Home Loans and Home Insurance, a number of global insurance companies have shown interest in the sector.

As the Indian real-estate companies are in the expansion process to meet the demand for homes, offices and retail space as overseas companies are allowed in more industries and faster economic growth boosts middle-class incomes in the country. This has also generated the need for funds for investment into the realty sector creating the need for organized finance.

As India opens up its market to foreign players there is bound to be a competitive edge to give quality-based performance for customer satisfaction which will consequently bring in quality technology and transparency in the construction and realty sector. And the ultimate winner irrespective of all is surely to be the buyers.