Our Concept

We have a good reach across globe which is utilized to locate Investors(NRI's) that are ready to invest but till date haven't invested because of below reasons:
1) They do not have sources in India who could coordinate on their behalf and do follow up.
2) Lack of Knowledge about Real estate investments.
3) No Bargaining Power (If aligned with us we have many investors that gives us edge during bargaining).
4) Follow up for Loan process is cumbersome.

All above concerns will be taken care by us since we have expertise in Real Estate. We will form group of investors who are ready to invest and we will negotiate with developers to offer you competitive rates. Once invested we will also assist in searching rental customers for your property. If you want to book profit by selling the property then we will assist in searching customer.


The purpose of PRI is to guide each new or Existing investor, small or large, through every step of the investment journey. Our PRI team is ready to help each individual company pursue Investment opportunities in India. We can help you benefit from our business infrastructure, locate a property for your investment.


1) Properties are directly registered in the individuals names.
2) Investor’s name appear on the Sale deed.
3) Payments to be transferred directly in Developers account except for PRIs agency fees.


Investment in real estate involves a degree of risk. For taking an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of the property including the risks involved.